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How to Pose in a Swimsuit: 12 Flirty Ideas

So you just got a cute new suit and are dying to show it off on the ‘gram. Or maybe you’re going on vacation and want to arm yourself with some new poses so you can mix it up in all those vacay pics you’re going to take. Either way, you’re going to be posing in your swimsuit. Knowing how to pose in a swimsuit and having a few go-to swimsuit poses in your back pocket is super fun, and can turn photos from awkward to awesome in no time.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite swimsuit poses for any occasion. Practice a few of these before your next trip and we guarantee your Instagram will be fire.

The Lookaway

swimsuit-posing-tip-look-away-from-camera Cute and demure, this pose says, “Don’t look at me (but actually, look at me!)” It’s also a great way to use props and scenery—hammocks, rocks, walls, benches, chairs, etc. A one-piece swimsuit works great for this pose because it covers your sitting-down tummy, but obviously, you can rock it in any suit.

Bonus: If you absolutely love your arms and chest but aren’t a huge fan of your butt or thighs, pair this pose with a frilly, modest bottom to show off all your best assets.

The Wide-Leg Power Pose


Are you a badass boss? Do you own the beach? We thought so. We could tell by the power stance you’re copping out there. This is a great one to bust out when you’re feeling sassy, or when there isn’t a lot of other stuff around to distract from the shot—an empty beach, in front of a blank wall; you get the idea. This pose is all about YOU and your attitude. It’s also a great pose for showing off your legs and tummy.

Head Over Hands

how-to-pose-in-bikini-hands-over-head If you’re not having fun while you’re posing in a swimsuit, you’re probably doing something wrong, but if you want to look like you’re having fun posing in a swimsuit this is the pose. Hands over head is fun and flirty. You can incorporate props like beach balls and frisbees, or just rock your inner wild child.

One benefit of this pose is that lifting your hands above your head stretches out your tummy and gives you a sleek silhouette.

The Lookdown


Depending on how you utilize the Lookdown, it can either say, “I’m a bit shy,” or “I know how to pose in a swimsuit and I am not ashamed of that.” What your Lookdown pose says will be up to you. Pair the Lookdown with a demurely seated posture to give yourself an air of shyness and mystique, or pair it with the Power Pose to let the world know, “I’m pretty into myself, and that’s pretty awesome.”

The Side Profile


You’re probably familiar with this pose. Let’s face it, you’ve probably been doing it since high school, or at least high school prom. Line up with your girlfriends, face sideways, and pop a knee…ah yeah, those were the days. Bet you never thought you’d be posing in a swimsuit using this same pose ten years down the road!

You can add this classic pose to your arsenal of swimsuit poses and bust it out anytime. It’s an oldie but a goodie. No prom required.

Stand on Tippy Toes


Another fun, flirty pose like Hands Over Head, standing on tippy toes is cute, youthful, and impish. Plus, it’s good for seeing over stuff. The major benefit of this swimsuit pose is that standing on tippy toes engages your butt, thighs, calves, and core, making those muscles (yes, you do have them!) pop.

The only drawback to this pose is that it can be difficult to hold for a long time or to find your balance in certain situations. But maybe that’s just the motivation you need to get in the gym and work on your strength and balance!

The Lookback 


Another classic from your halcyon days of yore, the Lookback is arguably the best of the group photo poses. Plus, it’s perfect for cheeky swimsuits. Got a nice butt? Yeah you do! Throw on that cheeky bottom and show it off! Got a couple of fun girlfriends? Obviously! Get together for a fun, flirty photoshoot.

An added bonus of this pose: it’s perfect if you’re feeling a bit bloated or just self-conscious about your tummy today. Pair this pose with a modest swimsuit to rock your pic even on those days you feel a bit ‘blah.’

The Action Shot 


How to pose in a swimsuit on a motorcycle? What about while playing beach volleyball? Well, striking that perfect pose for an action shot is all about confidence. That, and having a supportive suit that will keep everything in place while you’re moving around. One-pieces, tankinis, full coverage, and sporty suits are great for these particular types of swimsuit poses.

Pro-tip: a swimsuit that fits well will always keep you in place better than one that doesn’t!

The Sexy Pose 

bikini-posing-tip-the-look-up-sexy-poseThis is certainly not a “Who, me?” pose. Similar to the Power Pose, it’s a posture that says, “I know I’m posing in a swimsuit, and I think I’m doing a damn good job at it.” So don’t be afraid to bust it out every now and then! Too many people are worried about what people will think if they seem too confident or sexy. But you know what? Posing in a swimsuit is fun and there’s no shame in that!

Obviously, this pose can be done in any suit, but picking your favorite suit will give you that boost of confidence you need to really carry off this look. 

Hair Touch


On the opposite end of the spectrum to the Sexy Pose is the Casual Hair Touch. This is one hundred percent one of those swimsuit poses that says, “Oh, did you just take my picture? I didn’t notice because I was busy touching my hair and looking at this amazing view.”

This is a great one to use when you don’t feel like being the center of attention, or when the scenery is just so spectacular that you have to let it take center stage. Also great if you just got your hair done or have some fun hair accessories to show off.

Hands on Hips


This is a relaxed, confident pose that says, “I like who I am and I’m happy in this swimsuit.” It’s not as commanding as the Power Pose (although you can certainly combine those two poses), or as demure as the Lookaway. It’s somewhere in between.

One nice thing about this pose is that it shows off your arms and chest, so if those are your favorite assets, go ahead and flaunt them.


Subtle Confidence


The key to any great photo is confidence, but sometimes a little goes a long way. Maybe you want to look good posing in a swimsuit, but you don’t want to look like you know how to pose in a swimsuit. You can communicate subtle confidence using your eyes and face, but you can use your arms and body position too. 

Turning slightly away from the camera, positioning your arms close to you, and slightly turning your head will say, “I’m here, but I don’t need to shout about it.”

Summing It Up

There’s no shame in having fun posing in a swimsuit! If you’ve never thought about how to pose in a bikini or swimsuit, try out some of these suggestions in a mirror or with your friends before your next photo opportunity. Why not make your next Instagram update one to remember, and have a ball doing it?


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