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What are the Best Swimsuit Colors for Pale or Fair Skin?

Back in the day, a golden summer glow was considered a hallmark of beauty. Fair-skinned women used to spend long hours sunbathing to achieve the perfect ‘bronzed’ or ‘sun-kissed’ look. Not only that, people considered getting a tan to be healthy! Safe to say: no one was googling ‘best swimsuit colors for pale skin’ back in those days!

Times have changed. These days, savvy girls know there’s nothing healthy about sun damage. The risks posed by skin cancer and melanoma (not to mention the inconvenience of premature aging) far outweigh the benefits of a temporary ‘golden glow.’

If you’re doing your best to cover up and protect your skin, you may be wondering ‘what are the best bathing suit colors for pale skin?’ Fear not! In this article, we’ll look at skin undertones and complimentary colors, and break down what makes the best color bathing suits and best swimwear for pale skin.


What are the Most Complimentary Colors for Fair Skin?

Before we dive into undertones, let’s take a look at some colors that look great against all pale skin types. These aren’t just the best swimsuit colors for pale skin, they are the colors that people with a fair skin tone feel they look better in overall.

Rich, Dusky Colors

You may have heard that people with pale skin should avoid bold colors—that is simply not true! Deep, rich colors and jewel tones like ruby, mustard yellow, emerald green, burnt orange, aqua, navy blue, or deep purple look amazing against pale skin. Steer clear of neon colors, though—they can wash you out and make you look gray.

Neutral Shades

Avoid going for pastels or anything too close to your skin tone—they won’t provide enough contrast to make your features pop. Dark brown, neutral browns and grays, muted greens, and peaches, however, can be excellent choices for people with fair skin.


Lots of people warn fair-skinned folks to steer clear of white, but we disagree! Depending on your skin’s undertone, white can look stunning against pale skin—and a simple, white bathing suit is always elegant and eye-catching in a world full of floral prints and bright colors.

Black, on the other hand, is usually a no-go. It can look too black against your skin, accentuating the paleness and giving you a bit of a ‘goth’ vibe.


What are Skin Undertones?

Unless you’ve never looked in a mirror, you probably already know what your skin tone is. ‘Skin tone’ refers to the primary color of your skin: pale, fair, medium, dark, or somewhere in between. Your skin undertone, on the other hand, is the subtle pigmentation just below the skin’s surface.

There are three shades of skin undertone: warm, neutral, and cool. Any undertone might occur with any primary skin tone, and people with the same primary skin tone can have different skin undertones. Knowing how to compliment your skin undertone can help you choose better-matching makeup, jewelry, and clothes, as well as the best swimsuit colors for pale skin.

How to Figure Out Your Skin Undertone Color

There are three easy methods for figuring out your skin undertone.

#1 Check Your Tan


Okay, okay! We know we literally just talked about how getting a tan is no bueno—but you have probably gotten a tan or sunburn at some point in your life. Try to think back and remember how your skin responded to tanning (when you used to do that, because you don’t anymore, right?)

If you burn easily or tan to a ruddy or rosy shade, you most likely have cool undertones. If, on the other hand, you tan more often than you burn, and usually tan to a peachy or golden hue, you likely have warm undertones. If you seem to burn and tan equally as often and don’t notice a predominant shade, you probably have neutral undertones.


#2 Check Your Skin Next to White Paper


Get yourself in front of a mirror in a place with a lot of bright, natural light. Hold up a piece of clean, white paper next to your face. If your skin appears pink against the paper, you have cool skin tones. If your skin looks more yellow, you most likely have warm tones. If you do not notice either way, you probably have neutral undertones.


#3 Look at Your Favorite Jewelry


If you tend to prefer silver jewelry or think that silver jewelry looks better against your skin, you most likely have cool undertones. If you think gold flatters you more, it’s probable that your skin has warm undertones. If you don’t care either way, or think you look great in both, you probably have neutral undertones.


Best Swimsuit Colors for Warm Undertones

Those of us with warm skin tones will find that neutral, earthy tones suit us well. Natural greens like olive green, browns, ruddy/brownish reds like terracotta, and muted yellows and peaches are great options. Amber, coral, and gold will also complement your natural warm tones.

Avoid choosing anything cool or pastel, or anything with an ‘icy’ undertone. These will clash with your naturally warm glow.


Best Swimsuit Colors for Cool Undertones

For us gals with cool skin undertones, opting for cooler colors is the way to go. Although pastels are risky, people with cool undertones can certainly pull them off. Lavender and baby blue are lovely options, as are silver, teal, and emerald green. White is one of the best bathing suit colors for pale skin and cool undertones.

Avoid going too bright—bright colors will overpower your naturally subtle shades rather than complement them.


Best Swimsuit Colors for Neutral Undertones

The world is your oyster, you lucky thing! You can choose from any of the best bikini and swimsuit colors for pale skin. You can probably get away with wearing colors that complement both warm and cool undertones—although you may find that some colors work better for you than others. Don’t be afraid to experiment! If you find something you like, go with it.


What Colors Make You Look Less Pale?

The best way to prevent yourself from looking washed out or too pale is to wear colors that complement your natural undertones. Other colors that can give your skin a boost if you’re feeling under the weather or just having a ‘meh’ day include neutral, earthy colors like gray, brown, and green.

Don’t forget: your best-looking swimsuit is your best-fitting swimsuit. As well as paying attention to color, you should also pay attention to how your swimsuit fits if you really want your suit to pop and look amazing.


Summing It Up

At the end of the day, the best swimsuit colors for pale skin folks are the colors that make them feel the best! There is no “right color” for any skin color — if you love a bright blue and hot pink tankini, wear a bright blue and hot pink tankini! If you live for a black one-piece, wear a black one-piece. We’re not here to tell you what to do: you do you!

That being said, if you’re looking for a way to accentuate your natural beauty and really make your fair skin glow, try some of the swimwear colors on this list. You won’t be disappointed!