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The Magical Perks of High-Waisted Bikinis

Can we talk about how freaking excited we are that high-waisted bikini bottoms are making a comeback? Seriously: so freaking excited. High-waisted bottoms are a trend that we hope stays around for a long, long time. Why? They're comfortable, flexible, and above all flattering!

If you're not on the high-waisted bikini bottoms train yet, allow us to take a second to convince you. We're going to lay out why this type of bikini bottom is making a comeback, and some reasons you might want to opt for a high waist bikini look this summer.

Are High-Waisted Bikinis Making a Comeback?

In a word, yes! The high-waisted look has been coming back in general since the late 2010s. Before that, high-waisted pants were the more popular choice throughout most of history - all the way from when jeans were first popularized in the 1940s, up until Rachel on Friends wore them in the 1990s.

Everyone lost their minds in the early 2000s and decided that low-rise jeans were in for some reason (we blame Britney for that one. They looked amazing on her - everyone else? Not so much.) Fortunately, we've all come to our senses since then and decided that high-waisted bottoms are due for a comeback.

Do High-Waisted Swimsuits Look Good on Everyone?

No fashion trend looks perfect on everyone, but high-waisted bottoms are pretty flattering on most body types. They accentuate your natural waist and also give you a bit of extra tummy-tucking in that problem area just below it (you know the spot - the "muffin top.")


High-waisted bottoms give you extra coverage if you happen to prefer a more modest look. You can also pair them with a tankini top to get a one-piece swimsuit look.

5 Reasons to Opt for a High-Waisted Bikini

In case you're not already sold on high-waisted bikini bottoms, here are a few more reasons to add a pair or two to your swimwear collection.

1. The Cut is Flattering


Of all the styles of bikini bottoms, the high-waist bikini cut creates the most flattering silhouette. A cut with a thick waistband that hits just below or right at the belly button helps flatten the area just below the belly, while accentuating the curve of the waistline.

And the waist can be paired with any cut for the leg. A high-cut leg makes a more sensual curve, such as with thong bikini bottoms, while a boy short or brief cut gives the look a more classic, chic style. Long story short: almost every body shape looks good in high-waisted swimwear bottoms. 

2. It's a Modest Look


If you love showing off your belly, awesome. We love that for you. But some people simply aren't comfortable showing that part of themselves, or prefer a more modest look for other reasons, and for those people, high-waist bikini bottoms provide a little extra coverage.

A high waist bikini look is also perfect for occasions where letting it all hang out isn't totally appropriate.

3. It's Comfortable


With high-waisted bottoms, you'll worry less about things slipping out of place or popping out. High waists are less likely to ride up or down, and more likely to keep still while you're running, swimming, surfing, running after the kiddos, or engaging in other high-energy activities.

4. It Has One-Piece Flexibility


Don't want to spring for a one-piece and a bikini? Paired with a tankini or even just a regular bikini top, a high-waisted bottom can turn any look into a one-piece swimsuit look. Mix and match tops and bottoms in fun colors for chic style all season long.

5. It's "In" This Swimsuit Season


If you want to keep up with this season's current trends, ditch the low-rise bottoms and opt for a high-waist bikini or tankini this year. It's the most popular type of bikini bottom, according to multiple blog posts and even Tik Tok!

When Did High-Waisted Bikinis Become Popular?

You could say that Marilyn Monroe popularized the high-waisted bottom look, but to be honest, the high-waisted bikini was around long before she wore it. Of all the types of bikini bottoms, the high-waisted bottom has been the most enduring look throughout history, and we think there's a good reason for that! It's classic, comfortable, creates a flattering silhouette, and can be paired with anything for your ideal style.

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